Project Description
SharePoint Permission Extension

Extend the SharePoint Permission Functions:
1)Provider Field Level Permisson Control (support 07/10)
2)Provider View Level Permisson Control (support 07/10)
3)Provider Content Type Creation Permission Control(New Menu items) (support 07)

key words:
field level security ; column permissions in SharePoint list

How to install:
Step1: download the wsp file and unzip on the SharePoint server.
Step2: run wspinstall.cmd or wspupdate.cmd to install or update this solution.
Step3:if it's first time installation, open central administrator site and deploy the solution to applicaiton.
Step4: active the features on site collection features management page.
Step5: go to list settings page to do configuration.


How to configure:
goto ListSetting page and you will find the management link.
SiteAdmin can always do anything, so don't use Admin account for test.

How to add other language support:
add a new resource file to 14/Resources folder.


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